I am an experienced piper and want to purchase a new set of Bagpipes!

You are ready to purchase a new set of Bagpipes!

Purchasing a set of bagpipes can be very easy but there are a few serious considerations you must make before you embark on this important step in your piping life.

Purchasing a set of bagpipes can be expensive, but relative to purchasing many other types of woodwind instruments.

Bagpipes are most commonly made from African blackwood. This particular type of wood is used because of its unique qualities which produce good tonal quality for many woodwind instruments. African blackwood is an expensive material to use because of its maturity, seasoning time and availability.

Probably the first and most important consideration when purchasing a new set of Bagpipes is your Budget. This will determine not only what you can afford to buy but also how far into each bagpipe makers range you can go. It is important to note that most bagpipe makers produce every set of their bagpipes to the same specifications. The only difference in cost between each set is purely the ornamentation used on the exterior of the bagpipes. Some have very plain nickel mounts and other more expensive sets have hallmarked hand engraved sterling silver mounts or sometimes even gold.

The next important consideration is which brand of bagpipes to buy. Eight of the most popular and most reputable brands of bagpipes in the World are:-

David Naill & Co. Bagpipes, England

R. T. Shepherd Bagpipes, Scotland

McCallum Bagpipe, Scotland

Walsh Bagpipes, Canada

R. G. Hardie & Co. Bagpipes, Scotland

Peter Henderson Bagpipes, Scotland

Boderiou Bagpipes, Brittany, France

MacBeth Bagpipes, Australia

All of these bagpipe makers have a long standing tradition in making superb quality bagpipes.

Be very aware of bagpipes being sold cheapily by so-called reputable makers. You should expect to pay well in excess of AUD$1200 for a set of bagpipes that work well.

Until a few years ago, most bagpipe makers used real ivory in the production of bagpipes. Most have now substituted this with Imitation Ivory due to the availability and restrictions of obtaining the real thing. A few makers are still able to obtain ivory through re-use of existing ivory products. Imitation Ivory is a mixture of resins and plastics which create a very durable and realistic looking substitute. Other imitation products are used and also durable woods and imitation horn.

If your budget extends to silver or gold then there are a few more options to consider. Each of the bagpipe makers has a number of silver engraving designs. There are designs to suit most tastes from traditional to more modern patterns.

Most bagpipe makers put their bagpipes together in a complete package and generally include their own specific brands of accessories and reeds. They do offer slight discounts for customers wishing to purchase bagpipes without certain items but will generally not take off the full price of each item. You may, for example, wish to play a different brand of reed, pipe bag or pipe chanter or maybe you are in a pipe band who have their own specific brands of matched reeds, pipe chanters and pipe bags. The band may also have uniform issue of pipe bag covers and pipe cords.

We recommend that when you purchase your set of Bagpipes that you also factor in the additional cost of a new Pipe Case to keep your new bagpipes safe and a Maintenance Kit to help look after your bagpipes. You may already have these item. There are also many other products on the market which have been produced to suit the needs and requirement of pipers. You will find some of these products will assist you in obtaining the particular sound and set up that suits you.

If you have any further questions regarding the purchase of any set of bagpipes or advice about any additional products for your bagpipes then please don't hesitate to call us or email us and we will point you in the right direction.

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