The Piobaireachd Society

Book 12

Tunes in this Piobaireachd Society Book are listed below:-

The Aged Warrior's Sorrow

Lament for the Harp Tree

Mackinnon's Lament

Lament for Lord Breadalbane

Ewen of the Battles

The MacLeods' Salute

The Highland Society of Scotland's Salute

Borlum's Salute

Vol. 1-"One of the Cragich"

Vol. 2 (hihorodo tra cherede che)

Vol. 2 (hodinbain hodre chi hodro)

Vol. 1 (Hindro hindro)

The Piper's Warning to His Master

Port Urlar

Keppoch's March

Tulloch Ord, the MacKenzies' Gathering

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