The Piobaireachd Society

Book 16

Tunes in this Piobaireachd Society Book are listed below:-

The Brother's Lament

The Cave of Gold

Cluny MacPherson's March

Cluny MacPherson's Salute (No.2)

Colin MacRea of Invereenat's Lament

The Fairy Flag

The Frisky Lover

The Piper's Salute to His Master

Glengarry's Lament - Setting No.1 (from Angus MacKay)

Glengarry's Lament - Setting No.1 (from Ronald MacKenzie)

Hail to my Country

Hector Roy McLean's Lament

Lament for Colonel Forbes

Lament for the Great Supper

Lord Berisdale's Salute

Miss Mabel Thomason's Salute

Nameless (Cheho tra o hodro) - Campbell Canntaireachd Volume 2 No. 33

Nameless - from the John MacDougall Gillies's Manuscript

Nameless (Hindo hindo) - No. 37 from Angus MacKay's MSS Volume 2

Rev. Dr Norman McLeod's Lament

The Sword's Lament

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