Pipe Band Hair Sporrans, Waist Belts, Cross Belts & Buckles

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All Sporrans come complete with Chain Strap

PS6 Horsehair with Cantle and Thistle Badge $457.00

PS5 (Not Shown) Youths Horsehair $457.00

Prince Charlie Horsehair with Chased Top $540.00

Square Top Horsehair with Chased Top $540.00

PS/CT Horsehair with Chased Top (Black or White) $512.00

Shamrock Horsehair with Chased Top $557.00

(for pocket in horsehair sporran - add $30.00)

Cross Belt Piper/Drummer with 102 or 305 Mounts $225.00

Cross Belt Piper/Drummer with Shamrock Mounts $265.00

Waist Belt with 102 or 305 Buckle (2.5 inch) $135.00

Waist Belt with Shamrock Buckle (2.5 inch) $175.00

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