120E Crinan Knot Earrings $54.75

220E Triquatra Drop Earrings $63.60

231E Interlace Earrings $54.75

233 Interlace Stone Earrings $63.60

205E Interlace Drop Earrings $54.75

192E Traighell Interlace Earrings $63.60

209E Triquatra Drop Earrings $63.60

216E Celtic Knot Drop Earrings $71.70

182E Celtic Stone Drop Earrings $63.60

226E Celtic Cross Earrings $53.95

203E Enamelled Lismore Earrings $63.60

208E Rennie Mac Style Drop Earrings $54.75

198 Scottish Thistle Earrings $53.95

239E Thistle Earrings $43.15

239ES Thistle Earrings $44.75

241 Thistle Earrings $44.75

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