Split Stock Water Tube Trap

Blowpipe Split Stock Water Tube Traps are commonly used to control moisture and condensation build-up in the bagpipe bag.

The stock is made from plastic and turned with beading and combing to match in with most bagpipes. The stock is fitted with either an imitation ivory ferrule or nickel ferrule.

This idea is one of the very original and most commonly used moisture control systems. Mainly used by sheepskin and hide bag players, but also used by synthetic bag players who prefer it over a fully attached moisture control system. It's a simple idea combining a blowpipe stock which has been split for easy removal and a tube which traps the moisture. At the end of the tube there are several holes facing upwards into the bag which ensure there is no air restriction and no leakage into the bag.

To instal, its a simple process of tying-in the lower section of the split stock into the bag in the usual way. Once this is completed the tube is fed down through the lower section and into the bag. The top section of the stock is then press fit into place to make the stock look as though its complete.

The hemped section on the split stock must be very well done to ensure an airtight seal. Every few minutes the blowpipe can be removed to empty the tube trap by simple tipping the bagpipes forward. The built up moisture inside the tube will pour out of the stock. Always be mindful of the moisture gathered inside the tube when putting the bagpipes down as it may leak into the bag and cause moisture difficulties with reeds. The frequency of emptying the tube trap will depend purely on how wet or dry a blower the player is. Its always good advice to empty it a each given opportunity.

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