Black Pre-waxed Hemp

Black Pre-waxed Hemp comes in a 2 ounce roll which is enough to do the joints on a full set of pipes leaving about a quarter of the roll for future hemping jobs.

Black Pre-waxed Hemp is a simpler alternative to using plain hemp and a wax roset or beeswax. The wax has been applied to give a gripping consistency to the hemp and makes for a really good drone joint that glides easily when tuning the drones.

When applying black pre-waxed hemp, it is important to note that it spreads slightly when pressure is applied. So when doing a joint it is recommended that after each layer use a small wood block to flatten the hemp. When starting each layer, after the first layer, it is advisable to start and finish a few millimetres from the top and bottom. This allows the hemp to spread without going over the top or down the slide.

If applied well, black pre-waxed hemp will make a joint that will last for a few years.

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