Highlander Pipe Bag Dressing

Highlander Pipe Bag Dressing is a specially formulated seasoning for leather pipe bags.

Before seasoning a leather bag it is adviseable to take the bagpipes apart. Take the 3 drones, the chanter and the blowstick out, take the bag cover off and insert a Large Rubber Bung in to the top of each of the stocks except the chanter stock as this is where the seasoning will be poured into the bag.

The dressing comes in a ready to use form. Hold the bag by the chanter stock and cradle the bag against your shoulder, upside down, gently pour a small amount (4-5 tablespoons) of seasoning into the bag. This will allow the seasoning to rest inside the neck of the bag first which is where it is hardest to rub in. Once it has rested there for about 30 seconds then let the seasoning run down into the main body of the bag. Try to avoid the drone stocks at this point. You don't want seasoning run into the stocks if you can help it. Remember that its always easier to add more seasoning than to attempt to clean or wipe out excess seasoning. Excess seasoning can cause major problems later. If the bag has zip access then it will obviously be a lot easier to apply the dressing by hand and also insert rubber bungs into the bottoms of the stocks to avoid the dressing running into them.

Once the seasoning has been added, rub it thoroughly into the bag. The easiest way to perform this thoroughly is to get down on the floor and push a hand into the back of the bag. Start by rubbing the seasoning in around the whole seem and around the base of each stock. Then rub the body of the bag so the whole inside surface area has been treated. After this is finished, attempt to pour out any excess seasoning by hanging the bag upside down for a few minutes and letting it drip out of the chanter stock. Hopefully there should be very little excess seasoning, or none at all if you've down a thorough job!

Finally clean out the bore of each of the stocks with a cloth to ensure that no seasoning gets on to the reeds. The bag can be tested for airtightness by inserting the blowpipe and blowing it up. Put the pipes back together and play.

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