Tunetape is an aggressive pressure sensitive tape for fine tuning notes on the pipe chanter.

Purpose made for Bagpipes, it offers superior resistance to heat, moisture, humidity and cold.

Each roll is 5 metres long and 11mm wide. Tunetape is very thin, so you hardly feel it on the chanter and also transparent so it's unnoticed by others.

Tunetape leaves minimal residue and won't damage your pipe chanter or clog the holes. Using Tunetape for fine tuning and making adjustments is easy. The tape is strong, flexible and minimal movement is possible.

Adding pressure when reapplying increases Tunetapes aggressive hold on the chanter. Once in place, Tunetape's resistance to movement reduces those unwanted slips during performances and it's actual 'feel' on the pipe chanter won't interfere with finger movements.

You won't even know it's there and birls will flow easily!

It's the ideal bagpipe accessory to make the tuning process easier.

Gone are the days of electrical black tape slipping and sliding or feeling chunky gaffer tape between your fingers!

**To ensure maximum longevity of Tunetape, it is important that the pipe chanter surface is clean before applying.

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