Naill DN3A Bagpipes

Naill DN3A Bagpipes are what is commonly refered to as full ivory, except that this set features nickel slides, and are ideal for beginners looking for a first set of bagpipes. They are made from turned African Blackwood which is fully combed and beaded and are finished with imitation ivory projecting mounts & ferrules on each stock and drone. The bell tops are also finished with imitation ivory ringcaps and the blowpipe is finished with a black polypenco mouthpiece.

Naill DN3A Bagpipes come complete with the following:-

Naill Polypenco Pipe Chanter

Synthetic Zip Pipe Bag

Plastic Drone Reeds

Pipe Chanter Reed

Rubber/Copper Flap Valve

Velvet Pipe Bag Cover

Silk Pipe Cords

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