Degerpipes Electronic

Bagpipe Chanter II

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Degerpipe Electronic Bagpipe Chanter II

comes complete with Carry Case Headphones, Battery, Midi Lead and Full Instructions Manual


Accurate Great Highland Bagpipe & Scottish Smallpipe Sounds

Built-In Metronome

3 Octave Pitch Range

Drone and Overall Volume Control

New! Baritone Drone Sound

New! On/Off Manual Switch

& Much More...

Click Here for Full Details and Printable PDF Instructions

"The Degerpipe Electronic Bagpipe Chanter II is a great practice and learning tool. The sounds are realistic and the ability to control volume and pitch is very easy. The contacts for the fingers are ultra sensitive which allow the player to hear exactly what they are playing. The new improvements made to the Degerpipe II are great and it is a permanent addition to my pipe box and great for travelling. I carry it every where I take my pipes." Ian Lyons.

Carry Case also sold seperately...$35.00

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