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Pipe Chanter Reeds for the Great Highland Bagpipe

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All pipe chanter reeds are picked out and tested to the strength you require. When ordering, please state whether you'd like your chanter reeds to be the following strengths:-

Very Easy / Easy / Easy to Medium / Medium / Medium to Strong / Strong / Very Strong

(If strength not stated, Medium strength reeds will be despatched)

MacPhee Pipe Chanter Reeds...$17.90 each

MacPhee Reeds are made by Donald MacPhee in Scotland and are currently the most popular reed in the solo piping scene.

Originally from the USA, Donald MacPhee has been making reeds for a number of years and is one of the Worlds Senior Solo Pipers. He has had a very successful pipe banding and solo career and curently plays with Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band.

The MacPhee Reed is a straight cut chanter reed and produces plenty of volume and harmonics. It is also good for a steady Piobaireachd High 'G'.

Megarity Pipe Chanter Reeds...$19.25 each

Megarity Reeds are made by Stephen Megarity in the USA.

Stephen has made pipe chanter reeds for many years and has played for the Graham Memorial & Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Bands. He is currently a member of the L.A. Scots.

Megarity Reeds are a ridge cut reed and offer great stability, pitch and volume, in particular for pipe bands.

Murray Pipe Chanter Reeds...$19.50 each

Murray Reeds are made by James Murray in Western Australia.

Jim has made pipe chanter reeds for some years and has set up his new reed making business fter moving from Scotland to Australia. Jim is a Double Gold Medalist piper and has played with Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band and also been Pipe Major of the Fife Police Scotland. Jim is currently the Pipe Major of the Western Australia Police Pipe Band.

Murray Reeds are a ridge cut reed and a general good all rounder for either the soloist or pipe band.

Shepherd Pipe Chanter Reeds...$17.90 each

Shepherd Chanter Reeds are made by R.T. Shepherd & Son, Scotland.

Over many years, Shepherd have established itself as one of the World's most renowned chanter reed makers.

Shepherd Reeds are a straight cut reed, are offer very good consistency in volume, pitch and stability.

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