Dalriada Bagpipe Tuner

The Dalriada Bagpipe Tuner is the ultimate in Bagpipe Tuners.

Specifically designed and engineered for bagpipe tuning, the Dalriada Bagpipe Tuner by far the most accurate product on the market.

The Dariada Bagpipe Tuner has a very easy to use system of only a few buttons and gives a super steady read out with its analogue needle meter.

Other features include an External Microphone Socket and Tuning Range from 456Hz-492Hz in the Bagpipe Scale. (430Hz-466Hz)

Recommended Use Instructions

Tuning Drones

When tuning drones, it is very important to firstly obtain a reading from either another set of drones or a chanter.

There are two ways that the reading can be taken to ascertain the pitch at which the drones should be tuned.

1. In a band situation it is likely that there will be a master bagpipe from which all the pipes in the band are set up. This may be the Pipe Major or a designated piper with a good ear. That person will tune their drones to their own chanter and then the rest of the drones in the band will be set at that pitch. Press the SELECT button so the Drones LED lights up. Then simply take a reading from the master bagpipes drones by holding the tuning meter or microphone about 2-3 inches above the sound hole. Be careful never to hold the tuning meter too close as this will affect the sound coming from the drone. A readng from 1 drone is normally enough but if unsure a reading from 2 can be takien to check the accuracy. Once the pitch is ascertained then the rest of the drones can be tuned.

2. In a solo situation the benifit of a master bagpipe is not possible so an accurate reading from the bagpipe chanter will be neccessary. Press the SELECT button so the Chanter LED lights up. Place the tuner nearby (within 1/2 a metre) so that the chanter reading can be taken accurately. Then simply play Low 'A' to take the reading. Press the SELECT button so the Drones LED lights up. Then tune the drones to the pitch taken from the chanter.

Tuning the Chanter

When tuning the chanter using a tuning meter it is important to firstly establish a pitch. This pitch may be determined by the band that the pipes are played in or it may simply be the prefered pitch of the player. Press the SELECT button so the Chanter LED lights up then simply check the pitch of each note at a time starting with Low 'A' and rising up through the scale to High 'A'. Don't forget to also check the Low 'G'.

Tuning a bagpipe chanter using a tuning meter is not always an ideal method of tuning and is not as easy as it seems, but it can be done. Considering that bagpipes have a continual sound in the drones, it is easier to use a drone as a reference pitch to balance the rest of the scale. Setting the pitch of the chanter by taking a reading off the Low 'A' and then tuning a drone to that pitch is an easier method. Then it is a simple matter of tuning each note to the drone. Make sure to periodically check the drone against the Low 'A' especially if you are setting up the whole scale or trying out a new reed.

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