Pipe Bands of Distinction

The Pipes & Drums of the Royal Ulster Constabulary

For many years the RUC were one of the World's top pipe bands. Under the leadership of P/M Nat Russell, the band rose to great heights in competition, placing in every major championship in Scotland. The band never managed to actually win a major championship but came second many many times. In fact they achieved four seconds out of the five majors in one year behind the almost unstoppable Strathclyde Police of the 1980's.

During their long success they always had one of the World's most consistent Drum Corps. The Drum Corps won the World's under leadng tip Gary Corkin who followed great leading drummers such as Bobby Rea, Paul Turner and Andy Scullion.

The RUC Pipe Band ceased competing for a few years and have since re-emerged under their new name, the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

This is the only recording that the RUC Pipe Band did in its long history and features some popular tracks mixed with some pipe band tracks. The recording also features two solos from the then Pipe Major Ian Jess.

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