R.G. Lawrie Bagpipes

Plain Nickel Silver & Real Ivory Mounted

(circa 1880-1900)

This set of R.G Lawrie Bagpipes were bought by Ian Lyons in 2005. They were owned by a Piper/Bugler from the Durham Light Infantry, England, who after World War 1 emigrated to Australia. He settled in the small Melbourne inner-city suburb of Carnegie.

The grand daughter of the owner, now deceased, contacted Ian as she was in the process of selling off the family homes and estate. The pipes had not been played since before the 1940's. They were in an average state of disrepair and had been stored in a small wooden pipe box which was sealed inside a thick plastic bag and placed on top of the kitchen cupboard. Unbelievably, when removing the old skin bag, there was still some moisture and seasoning around the stock bottoms.

His grand daughter, now in her 60's, said that she always remembered the pipe box being there since she was a little girl.

This set of pipes came up beautifully in the restoration process and were later sold to a piper in Queensland.

















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