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Original Designs by Ian Lyons & Murray Blair

The Bagpiper Company design and manufacture original premium cases for the modern piper.

As pipers, we understand the true value a great set of bagpipes mean to the player and how important it is to store them safely. Just how bad is that feeling when something goes wrong with your pipes... a corner off a reed, cracked stock...? If you have a great set of pipes then Bagpiper are proud to offer high quality sophisticated premium pipes cases, modern and fashionable to securely store your pipes, anywhere - anytime. We don't like to see Bagpipes getting hurt.

NEW!!! Bagpiper 'Explorer' Backpack Case $249.00

.....and then there was GREEN!

Green Bagpiper Case.....$189.00



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Original Bagpiper Case $189.00

Bagpiper Backpack Trolley Case $179.00


Bagpiper Flight Case $249.00


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